Counting Hairs

He lies with his head on his mother's lap, crying. He is afraid of the monsters under his bed. Afraid the kids at school will be mean. Afraid he will disappoint mom and dad. Afraid to try anything new. So many fears. Fear is his closest friend. His young mind cannot find the words that… Continue reading Counting Hairs


Be Still

Be Still and Know that I am God. -Psalm 46:10 Be Still. In the quiet anticipation of the dawn, be still. In the chaos of your busy day full of work, errands and caring for you family, be still. In the middle of your mess, heartache, disappointment, anger - Be Still. In the calm of… Continue reading Be Still


Grief and Tragedy in a small town.

Sutherland Springs’ population is less than 400.  Having spent my childhood in a small town similar in size,  I can only imagine the effect Sunday’s events are having on the community. There is no such thing as an acquaintance in a little town.  You know everyone and their families.  If you are not already related, you grow up knowing these people and… Continue reading Grief and Tragedy in a small town.